Acoustic panels made out of solid wood

The acoustic panels made from aspen are ideal for fitting on walls and ceilings, rendering northerly elegance and a sense of lightness to residential and public premises.

4plus sound absorbing ceiling panels made from aspen
Sound panels thermo aspen
Decorative sound panels made from thermo aspen

Acoustic panels specification

Aspen and thermo aspen wall paneling boards

The northerly-looking light aspen wood fittings create cozy and warm ambience both in residential and public premises. When tinted, it obtains natural austerity and elegance.

Wall panel in natural aspen color

Aspen wall panelling

Decorative wall panel in transparent thermo color

Wide thermo aspen wall panelling

Wood wall panel in fir green

4PLUS fittings help accentuate certain interior elements and render a sense of cosiness to the premises

slat wood panels for walls in transparent finish thermo aspen
Wooden wall panels in an office setting